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1. Signboard

With its unique characteristics, the Vietnamese market still has a long way to go to distribute its products through the distribution channels: Agents (using accommodation for sale); Wet Market (including stalls or kiosks within a product distributed by an individual). Despite that, the strong development of modern trade channels such as Supermarket; Shopping and Trade Center; Selling Online, but still can not delete this traditional method.

DNC Technology is able to meet all customer requirements for consulting, designing, manfacturing and delivering them to agents where buying customer's products

At traditional distribution channels, the customers are easy to identify the brand as quickly as possible and that is the biggest goal of company; Advertising messages through slogans and promotions must be clearly communicated; The color and content of the company's standard (concept) is equally important.

Signboard / Signage may be light boxes, digital printing or 3D lettering (sign). Currently, there are many types of materials make a signage with a high aesthetic.

bang hieu dulux
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2. Advertising items supporting Brand or Product identification

At the traditional distribution channel, in order to support the signage more effectively and attract more consumers, the marketers also added such as: Canvas; Signal signage; Standee; Umbrella, Painting… will help dealers not only promote the image of the brand or product but also try to draw consumers closer to the product or brand (bringing the product closer to the consumer's place through the physical)

Even though, the Modern Trade channel are becoming more and more popular, it does not mean that they will not need promotional tools as the display racks have too many products of the same brand.

3. Signages or signs of brand identity are pure advertising

Activating or launching a brand also involves how to promote the brand publicly outside the signboard at the Point of Sale. Brand image, once deeply embedded in the subconscious mind of the consumer by making them more likely to be caught in more public places, the brand will succeed.

If the method of traditional advertising (Above the Line) by means of media (TVC, radio, newspapers / magazines and Billboard) is very expensive, the method of non-traditional (Below the Line) has a lower cost but also great effect for brand promotion.
Cua hang cua Dulux


Customers will be consulted by our staffs for products or services that are suitable for the target with reasonable and reasonable price when choosing us as partner.

With professional designers, our company will help you make the difference, highlight the product combined with space exhibition, impressive exhibition, unique. Through it, the exhibition will attract the attention of all customers, making a mark in the minds of customers.

DNC Technology hopes to contribute to the process of successfully building the brand name of customers in Vietnam. We are committed to quality in every product / service!


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